About Crestview Electric

Built on the knowledge and experience of our employees


Decades of Experience

Crestview Electric relies on the experience of our estimators and project managers to assist our customers with projects of any size. Our team has been responsible for jobs of all sizes, from service contracts to multi-million dollar installations. We pride ourselves on our ability to stay on time and on budget no matter the size of the job.


Our Growth Over The Decades

  1. July 1988

    Jul 88

    Tim Engel & Partner start a 2-man electrical outfit in a makeshift office in Tim's basement.

  2. December 1988

    Dec 88

    Hires 1st Apprentice

    Only work vehicle burns to the ground along with all their tools after being side-swiped.

  3. September 1989

    Sep 89

    Opens office in a small bay in Foothills Industrial Park.

  4. May 1990

    May 90

    Employee count hits 10.

  5. June 1997

    Jun 97

    Tim's son, Ryan, joins the company.

  6. July 2003

    Jul 03

    Employee count reaches 50.

  7. February 2005

    Feb 05

    Addition of 3rd Bay to office.

  8. July 2005

    Jul 05

    Tim buys out his retiring partner, making him the sole owner.

  9. May 2006

    May 06

    Employee count reaches 75.

  10. October 2008

    Oct 08

    Addition of 4th Bay to office.

  11. January 2009

    Jan 09

    Buys Out Tritech Electric.

  12. March 2010

    Apr 10

    Becomes COR Certified.

  13. December 2010

    Dec 10

    Crestview is quickly outgrowing its bays and needs to either acquire a 5th Bay or move.

  14. April 2011

    Apr 11

    Plans are set; construction of new Crestview building in the works.

  15. November 2011

    Nov 11

    Hiring of key employees to do our own telecommunications.

  16. May 2012

    May 12

    Crestview moves in to their present day two-storey contemporary design-built building in Eastlake Industrial.

  17. June 2012

    Jun 12

    First 20 year employee celebrates their anniversary.

  18. June 2013

    Jun 13

    Employee count reaches 100.

  19. July 2013

    Jul 13

    Crestview celebrates 25 years in business.

  20. June 2016

    Jun 16

    Employee count reaches 150.

  21. January 2017

    Jan 17

    Ryan Engel steps into his father’s shoes to run the company. New direction, new thinking, new growth. 

    "Continuity, Vision, Experience... A Proud Legacy" is coined.

  22. January 2018

    Jan 18

    Key employees are hired to begin the Solar Division.

  23. March 2018

    Mar 18

    Crestview Group is formed with 3 divisions: Crestview Electric, CVE Solar and Crestview Building Technologies.

  24. August 2018

    Aug 18

    Employee count is 200 strong.

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Calgary, AB
T2C 3E5, Canada

P: 403.279.6661

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24/7 Service: 403.279.6661


10805 - 50th Street SE
Calgary, AB
T2C 3E5  Canada

P: 403.279.6661

F: 403.279.6604

24/7 Service: 403.279.6661

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